Since Natalia Ball was a child she was based mainly between Brazil, Uruguay, and London; she briefly lived in New York and South Africa before moving permanently to Central London.  Along with this comes a girl with a huge passion for travel, learning about different cultures, and an obsession for the beach/sunshine. Natalia also has a major interest in Fashion having studied Fashion Marketing at university and working for many different companies including Vogue in NYC.

Natalia started The Edit in 2017 as a creative outlet to share travel, fashion content, trends, beauty and lifestyle tips whilst inspiring her readers into having no fear to explore the diverse world we live in.

“I always found myself being the one helping my friends organize their trips, giving them the inside scoop on what to do when in different places that I had already been, or had obsessively researched. I have also, successfully, inspired them to go on trips that I myself am wanderlusting to go on”

If there is content you would like to know more about or if you have any questions for Natalia send her a friendly email! Natalia@theeditofficial.com Until then, check out the video to learn more about Natalia and The Edit!