Banya Treatment at South Kensington Club

This week a friend of mine hoaxed me into trying this treatment at the South Kensington Club in London. First of all, lets start with the club. Its a super cute members club, that has a gym, 2 restaurants, a spa, among lots of other amenities. The spa itself is really beautiful and worth checking out.

The Banya 

The Banya is a Russian treatment that is supposed to completely detoxify the body, and increase circulation around the body… great!! But it isn’t for the faint hearted. This treatment can be considered as quite aggressive. Some people love it and some people hate it. For the record I adored it, but I am into quite aggressive treatments and get very bored in the ones that are for “relaxing”… yawn. Anyway so I thought I would share step by step how this treatment goes at SKC.

  1. Sauna for 10 mins
  2. Steam for 10 mins
  3. A man pours a bucket of ice over your head
  4. He then takes you into a room that is between 35-45 degrees celsius, where he takes eucaliptus leave bunches and dips them in boiling water. He then spends 20 mins tapping (quite aggressivley lol) the back of your legs, your back, arms, everywhere and then flips you over and does the same on your front. All the while with your head covered in eucaliptus leaves. This makes you extremely light headed, some people prefer to leave before the 20 mins is up, but I stuck it out to reap all the benefits.
  5. He then takes you into an ice plunge pool and dips you in and out of the freezing cold water repeatedly maybe 10-15 times. Surprisingly refreshing if I may say so without sounding crazy.
  6. My favourite part of the treatment – he puts you in a medium temperature pool (before the banya it felt cold but after it felt a lot warmer) and he floats you on the top of the water and sways your head from side to side. This makes you feel like you are legit flying.
  7. Wraps you in a towel and a sheet and lies you down in the corner so you can relax and enjoy the light headed feeling.


I abosultley loved this treatment. Not only did my skin feel unbeleivably after, so did my mind.


Top Tip: Add a body scrub in to get rid of all dead skin.