Best Spas in Bali

Everyone loves a good spa treatment, some time to themselves and some pampering. So I thought I would take it upon myself (with complete pleasure) to try out many different spa’s in Bali (for the blog duh). There were four that really stood out and so I thought I would share my experience with you all! They were all insane and I highly recommend that whilst in Bali you really try different treatments, they are all very unique in many different ways, and the prices are not bad at all.

Bulgari Spa

My favourite treatment was at the Bulgari Spa in Uluwatu. The spa itself has stunning views over the ocean and has such a peaceful feeling. The staff were amazing, so sweet and willing to help with anything I required.

I was greeted with a cup of ginger tea (which was delicious) and the menu to choose what I wanted to do.

The treatment I chose lasted about 2 and a half hours, and was full of different indulgences.

I chose to have the “Balinese Traditional Cleanse” and boy was it worth it.

It started with a foot scrub, and then went on to a full body scrub using Sandalwood mixed with other fragrant herbs. It was really soft on the skin not like other scrubs yet still got rid of the dead skin amazingly. After this I had a Balinese “Lulur” which is essentially yogurt covering the scrub to seal the moisture and hydrate some more (this was also fantastic because I was slightly sun burnt!)  I was then shown to a beautiful shower, to wash of the scrub and yogurt. Feeling very refreshed I returned to the bed and had a full 90 min Balinese massage, this was the best Balinese massage I had in Bali, HANDS DOWN. I can’t explain what is so amazing about it but just try it.

No the treatment is STILL not finished!!! (some might say I was “Whoring” out, which I was), I then went on to have a mini 30 min facial consisting of massage techniques designed to sculpt the face and promote collagen production. Perfect way to end!

Karma Kandara 

The second best spa treatment was at the Karma Kandara, Uluwatu. The treatment rooms are little huts set in the cliffs over looking the most stunning beach. The reason why I chose to come here though was because I had heard they have an Infared Sauna, which I have been dying to try (for the blog of course). I chose to try the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This consisted of 15 mins in the famed Infared Sauna, and then an amazing massage with an incredible view. Highly recommend you try, and if you are a couple I hear they have an amazing 3 hour treatment in a suite with a pool set right on the cliffs. Romantique.

Uma Como

I had quite a few treatments at Uma Como, Ubud,  and each one was better than the last. My favourite was a three hour treatment (yes I seem to have thing for wasting time in spa’s, but who said thats a bad thing?).

The 3 hour Treatment consisted of a full body salt scrub, which I loved, then a bath filled with bubbles and petals, kind of weird doing it without my other half, so maybe take your other half with you on this treatment lol. After this I had a very very long relaxation massage, which is never usually my thing but wow I almost fell asleep. Head massage, foot rubs, hand massages, the whole 360 degree relaxation. DREAMY.

I also had a 6o min deep tissue treatment when I had just landed, to relieve any stress. Highly recommend.

Gold Dust Lounge

The Gold Dust Lounge in Canggu specialises in Gold facials. So obviously I had to try this out. I was clearly too relaxed to take any photos during or after the treatment, but all I can say is if you are slightly curious about this, try it!!