Bowling at The Ham Yard Hotel

In London there are lots of places to go bowling, but none quite as “lux” as this. The hotel itself is beautiful, boasting a gorgeous outdoor terrace in the heart of Soho. It also is full of quirk and colour which adds for a very young and fun feel. There is a theatre, a gorgeous spa, gym, and many more really appealing amenities. But for me, the most appealing are their fantastic bowling lanes.

Usually in London, the average bowling places like All Star Lanes etc, are all a bit old, somewhat dated and the food is a bit greasy. Whereas here, at Ham Yard, the place is amazing. There is cool artwork hanging from all the walls, funky furniture, with colourful wallpaper and the food is amazing. It also has a great bar which has really good wine and other alcohols alike.

If you are looking for something fun and different to do with your friends, or for somewhere to take your other half on a date that they haven’t been before this is a great place to pick.


P.S. try the mini chicken burgers wow so good.

Outfit Details 

Top:  Zara

Jeans: Vintage Twin Denim

Belt: Topshop

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