Croatia Top Tips

I just got back from a beautiful week in Croatia, and wanted to share all my top tips for a fantastic trip to remember. I didn’t stay in one place for more than a night, so depending on how long you are there for and where you are staying try to head to these particular places to really get a feel for the country and what it has to offer.


Dubrovnik was my favourite of the cities in Croatia, and our first stop.


Here I highly recommend (if you are into Game of Thrones) to do a game of thrones tour, which might sound super weird, but this is where a lot of the show is shot, and the home of Kings Landing. It was a great way to see the city and made sightseeing a bit more fun. The most important thing I can say to you about this is make sure you start your tour at 9am because it gets really crowded around 1030-11am and super super hot.


As we only spent one night here, I only have one dinner recommendation but it was absolutely amazing and a must. 360 Dubrovnik is situated on top of a castle with views over the whole town. The food was also fantastic.


Here we pulled into a little bay for lunch, and for a swim. The restaurant we stopped at was called Lukas Tavern. A family run place with delicious sea food. The sea around here was beautiful to swim in also.


Bikini by Lenny Niemeyer, Skirt by Auguste, Shirt by Topshop

Mljet Island

Mljet island is a national park, UNESCO protected, and literally breathtaking. We were in the most beautiful bay with the clearest water. (as you can see in these pics). In the late afternoon we went into the little village and hired bicycles and mountain biked up one side of a mountain and then down the other side to get to a gorgeous lake where we swam and relaxed for a bit before our difficult ride back. (We basically walked up one side and then cycled down the other side). This place is a definite must.

Mljet National Park

Wearing Paloma Blue Shorts


Korcula is a little town that we just spent the night in but thought it was really cute and so I’m going to share some pictures of it. We had dinner at a restaurant called Nonna which has some yummy pastas.


Scedro is another island bay that we spent a long time swimming and enjoying the clear ocean. We went and caught Sea Urchins to cook for dinner on the nearby rocks and just relaxed. If you are in the Hvar area you should definitely sail an hour there. Not one to miss.


This town is known for its nightlife, which wasn’t what I was really there for. However it is very beautiful and worth checking out. Be prepared for a lot of rowdy party goers. My favourite little bar was one called Ka Lavanda which was extra cute and special.

If you have any more questions about Croatia send me an email and I will be happy to help!! xx