A Day in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are two islands about an hour from Bali by boat. They are perfect to go spend the day snorkelling, diving, and seeing some Manta Rays and Dolphins if you are lucky. I wanted to tell you guys about the day I spent there.

We took a boat out to the islands around 9am which I have to say was really choppy, so my tip for you is to make sure you check what the weather will be like and if there are any swells coming in. Because of this at our first stop, Manta Point, we weren’t able to dive with the Mantas because the sea was so rough it was crashing into the cliffs so aggressively (quite scary actually). So instead of staying there we decided to spend the day doing some chilled snorkelling in some super pretty spots.

The Island of Nusa Lembongan, where we decided to go snorkelling is so stunning. It is so green and is filled with cliffs, mountains and deserted beaches that are to die for. In the morning we stopped at two places to snorkel that the guide recommended which was really nice and relaxed. The second place we went to was really cool because it is a reef that you don’t actually have to swim over, the current takes you over the reef itself so you can literally just chill and watch all these bright coloured fish swimming around. We even spotted some Nemos’!! The sea was so clear and the coral was beautiful, quite a bit of it was dying but what was still alive was really gorgeous.

After this we went for lunch at a place that the captain chose, I wasn’t too fussed about it so I’m not going to recommend it, but quite a few people I trust have suggested Le Pirate beach club and The Dive.


After this we went to another snorkel spot and saw more fishies and then headed back to Bali. It was a very relaxed day out we just chilled in the sun and enjoyed the amazing views and sea life. I highly recommend you go and if you want to spend more time there then definitely do. There are so many hidden beaches and hikes to do. If I had more time I would definitely have stayed a few nights there!