Dinings London SW3

Dinings just opened in Knightsbridge… just off Walton Street where ToTo’s used to be. After having been to the dining’s in Tel Aviv, and frequenting the one in Marylebone, I just had to check SW3 out. This one is a lot “nicer” inside than the one in Marylebone. With beautiful interior decor, and a gorgeous bar area at the front when you walk in, it is great for an evening out instead of just a quick yummy Japanese. The food was fantastic, and a little different from the others, I really enjoyed discovering some of their new dishes. See pics below!

These mini burgers might not look like much but OMG.

Must try these Waygu burgers.

They melt in your mouth. And they are super light.

They kept the tartar chips on the menu and for that I’m very thankful 🙂

The Yellowtail tartar chips are my favourite for sure.