Higher Dose NYC

Have you ever heard of an Infrared Sauna? Well if you haven’t, get to know what it is about because my oh my is it life changing. As you all know I am definitely the person that likes to explore all these fads that the Victorias Secret models are trying, just because… GOALS… So here is what I thought of this one. It was amazing.

So the question everyone has asked me since I tried this, was why do that, and what does it do?

Heres the answer: You are completely detoxifying you’re body, while doing a workout, and whilst cleansing you’re skin completely.  45 mins inside an infrared sauna at Higher Dose is equivalent to a 7 day detox cleanse, running 3-4 miles, helps promote serotonin in your body, and improves your skin. This in itself should sell it to you. On top of this it’s incredible for muscle pain relief. Meaning its the perfect thing to do after exercising to prevent and help any aches and pains.  On average when you use a sauna you sweat about 3% of your toxins, but in an infrared you can sweat up to 20%.

So after hearing all of the above that I just told you I decided to ease myself in with a “quick dose” (30 mins in the infrared sauna). I decided to choose the location on East 1st street because it was nearer to where I was exercising before that. On arrival they explained all the benefits to me, and showed me to my own “room”. She showed me how to plug my phone in to play music in the sauna, and gave me a ginger shot. So in I went and wow I absolutely loved it. I have never sweat so much, I felt like my body was getting rid of every toxin I had put in my body over the summer months. I felt good. On top of this they have an LED light system, each colour representing different things. I went for red and green. They give you a book inside that tells you what each colour does and then you can pick and leave it for as long as you want, or put the colours on rotation. Boom!

There are a few different locations for Higher Dose, my favourite being the one at the hotel 11 Howard! Follow the website link and have a read for yourself! You can also book this on the mind body app.