Kenoa Brazil

Kenoa is a stunning beach front hotel in Barra de Sao Miguel, Alagoas, Brazil. If you are looking for a hotel to relax, take a break from every day life and have full privacy and seclusion from the world, then this is it. And more. Keep reading to hear more about this paradise!

The Hotel


Kenoa is the perfect hotel to come to if you are in need of some rest and relaxation. They have thought of every little detail, from putting different flowers on your bed every day, to remembering what your dietary requirements are. They tend to know what you want even before you do! The design of the hotel is so unique and special, with amazing details hiding all around the hotel waiting to be discovered. From the carved out man and woman by the toilets, to the tapestry in the main entrance, and the really different and cool beds by the pool made from recycled wood. Anyone who enjoys design and architecture would be pretty pleased to spend some time here.

The staff and the service are all fantastic. Everyone is always smiling and anything you ask them is absolutely no problem at all no matter how small or big the ask. The food is delicious (my favourites, the Petit Gateau de Goyaba, and the Brazilian Piccadinho… both of which I had pretty much every day, sometimes twice. Ooops).

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The Rooms

There are a few different styles of rooms. There are the ones in the main hotel which are their most basic, and then there are their beachfront little houses. They are to die for and honestly, I highly highly recommend taking one of these. I stayed in the Marajo Villa which I was thrilled about. It had the shower of my dreams of which I was extremely obsessed and wish I could take it with me (see the photos below), there was a cute little lounge area just after the bed which overlooked my very own deck with a private pool facing the ocean. I mean could I live here forever? Or at least miss the European winters for this? I think the pictures speak for themselves really.

My top tip: Make sure you sit outside and look up at the sky at night. There is absolutely no light pollution so the sky is INSANE.

The Beach/Pool

Set on a long strip of beach that goes on for miles with pretty much nothing and no one to be seen, the hotel is in a perfect location for some fantastic views, both for sunrise & sunset. Not to mention the fantastic view you have literally all day. Every day I woke up and went for a long walk down the beach, one way I walked for literally and hour and saw not one person, and reached nothing. The other way I walked for maybe 40 mins and arrived at the beach of Barra de Sao Miguel. There is a reef protecting this beach so instead of the waves that you see in all the pictures, the sea is so calm with no waves and so nice to just chill and relax in.

The hotel doesn’t have beds on the beach as the tide comes in and out so much, so your beds are on the deck with two huge very beautiful infinity pools. This is a great spot to be. You get the perfect sea breeze (so you don’t overheat, but careful you will burn!! Apply that SPF), and you get some serious views. By the pool you can get food all day, and drinks etc. I personally didn’t move from that location not even for lunch.

Outfit Details: Bikini – Acacia Swim

The Activities

There are actually a lot of things you can do here. I will give you a little list 🙂
– Surfing (you can surf infront of the hotel any time, or one of the guys can take you to some other beaches)
– The boat experience, to see the reefs and go to some secluded beaches up the rivers.
– The oyster experience, where you go to see more deserted beaches and you try fresh oysters made by locals.
– Beach walks
– Visit Maceio (the city of Alagoas)
– Discover different beaches