A Little Travel Guide to Saint Germain Paris

Saint Germain is an adorable area in Paris with an abundance of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and gorgeous cobbled streets. I have always found it a difficult area to figure out what to do and where to go especially as there are so many not so good places that you can end up in a tourist trap, or a place with just not great food. This time round in Paris I stayed in the area and explored it more then I usually would have. I found some delicious restaurants, cute cafes, hotels and boutiques to share with you all.

Where to Stay in Saint Germain?


Hotel Montalembert

Hotel D’Abusson

Hotel Bourgogne & Montana

Hotel De Lille

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Wearing: Bag – Pretty Sac, Shoes – Saint Laurent,  Tuxedo – Zara, Body – La Perla  (Click to shop)

Where to Eat in Saint Germain?


Bar de La Croix

Cafe de Flore

Marco Polo

Orient Extreme

Le Relais de Entrecote

Alfredo Positano


L’Atelier Robuchon


Le Saint Germain

Favourite Stores in Saint Germain?

When it comes to shopping in Saint Germain, I tend to just stroll around the streets and go into any store that might appeal to me. Over the years I have a few staple ones which I will tell you but otherwise the best way forward is definitely walking around the beautiful little streets and stumbling across little gems. Starting with guys because I really only have one recommendation – that is Daniel Cremieux – and amazing store for mens shirts, many of my friends swear by them and I can tell the difference between one of their shirts and other brands. On to womenswear, I always check out Le Bon Marche, its usually my starting point. They have lots of different brands, clothing, shoes, beauty, you name it. After that I walk around the surrounding streets and just go in and out of different shops. I always check out the Isabel Marant boutique, Sandro, the usual french brands.

Wearing: Dress – Zara, Boots – Maje, Bag – Saint Laurent  (Click to shop)