A Little Travel Guide to Salvador Brazil

Salvador in Bahia, Brazil, is a place that I really love. Not so much because of any specific hotels or because of its beauty. The main reason is because it’s a real cultural hub. An eye opener to the foreigner that wants to see the reality of Brazil, and taste the amazing food too. So I decided to give you a little guide of the things I think are must do’s while you are there.

Where to Beach?

The beach is a huge part of the culture in Salvador. With so many city beaches to choose from you are spoilt for choice, and each one of them with their own personal quirks and vibes. Do you want to chill around lots of people? Do you want to surf? Do you want to go for a long walk? Here are a few you should check out.

  • Porto Da Barra – calm water, perfect for swimming, very busy on the weekends. The hangout spot. Pick one of the many beach chair vendors and set yourself up wherever you feel like has the vibe you want! (Careful with your bags, sunglasses, phones)
  • Praia do Flamengo
  • Praia do Farol Da Barra
  • Itapua – Great surf, but currents can be powerful.

I would say these are my favourites. If you want any more info on them send me an email

What to Eat at The Beach?

Beach food is my FAVOURITE thing about Salvador. As you are chilling at the beach there are vendors walking up and down shouting out/singing the items that they are selling. The busy beaches have loads of these guys, and the further out more sparse beaches have them coming every few mins.

This is what you should try!! Please try it all…

  • Queijinho Da Praia – Haloumi cheese that they fan over a coal pan that makes it kind of melted and smoky. They also have lots of different sauces you can add to it if you want extra flavour… I like it plain!
  • Acai – Have a bowl of acai, usually mixed with guarana, topped with the fruits of your choice!
  • Nuts – Some of the vendors sell the most delicious array of nuts (for those of you looking for something maybe more healthy)
  • Acaraje – One of my personal favourites, a very traditional food. Its hard to explain but it is a round ball that is fried with prawns, vatapa, and some spice inside. I absolutely adore it. Try it and don’t hesitate. Its really really good.
  • Finally but most importantly, KIBON. Kibon is an ice cream chain and you can’t miss them. The guys wear read outfits and push along an ice cream box with a big sombrero over them with kibon written all over it. All the ice creams are amazing.

Best Restaurants?

I have a short concise list of where I think you should go eat 🙂

  • Lafayette
  • Soho – Sushi
  • Amado
  • Mistura
  • Alfredo
  • Egeu
  • Shiro – Sushi
  • Origin

My Favourite Thing To Do in Salvador?

Restaurante Preta

You have to check it out. Rent a boat for the day, swim enjoy and for lunch stop of at Restaurante Preta. Preta is the owner of the restaurant and wow she has done an insane job. The decor is phenomenal, with every corner you turn something surprising, like a sofa inside an old fisher-mans boat that instead of using cushions she has put lots of old stuffed coffee bags. Or the multicoloured umbrellas she hangs everywhere to shade you from the strong midday sun. Nothing I say about it can do it justice so see the pictures below!!