Packing Essentials for 3 Weeks in Bali

I have to be very honest with you guys, I am (notoriously) one of the worst packers I know. I’m┬áthe one out of all my friends that rocks up to any trip with minimum two suitcases, and usually a wheelie too. To them it looks like I am totally neurotic, but for me organisation is key to everything, it’s the best way for me to separate everything in a way that will keep my mind clear. So when I started packing for Bali, I decided to set my self a challenge. One suitcase and a wheelie. Nothing more. I kept it to the basics, favourite swimwear, beach clothing, skin care and yoga/exercise clothes. Keep reading for a few of my essential pieces that I can’t live without when away.

So here we have my skin care essentials!

  1. Clarins factor 50: For me the face is the part of your body that you need to take the most care of, so lathering on the 50 throughout the days in the sun is a must!
  2. Paw Paw cream: I get dry lips so easily, especially when I travel and when there is a lot of air-conditioning. This is my number one go to lip balm.
  3. Rodial Dragon Blood Mask: As I have said in previous posts, this saves my skin in flight and after the sun.
  4. Intensive sole aqua: My beloved hairdresser, Gianni, every time I travel, tells me to make sure I use this. When I was younger and more careless I would use it on and off, but now that I am “older and wiser” lol, I use it every time I am in the sun and it works a dream. Keeps my hair so hydrated and protects from sun, sea salt AND chlorine. Wowza.
  5. Dior Lip Sugar Scrub: I like to use this every night before I go to sleep and before I put the Paw Paw cream on. It gets rid of all dead skin and lets the lip balm really sink in and save those dry lippies.

SO, this bag is literally everything for such a trip I think? This London based brand called Zeadora, makes the most dreamy acrylic box clutches like this one with loads of amazing motifs at great prices. I thought this bag was perfect for a tropical trip like this one, where I am literally hunting down paradise… can’t wait to wear it!! Love love love

Paloma Blue, Paloma Blue and … more Paloma Blue. Literally this is the resort wear I can’t stop wearing. It is easy to throw on, super cute, comes in tons of different prints and styles. It’s light, which is great for Bali’s humid weather, and just so trendy! Can’t deal. Anyway I tend to whore out and not wear much else when I am somewhere super hot, because why complicate things? These are two pieces that I can’t stop wearing right now… this skirt from the new collection – TO DIE FOR – and these shorts that she does every season in different prints and colours, because, well, look how cute they are.

For me its super important to have lots of loose chilled summer dresses when going somewhere super hot. At night you don’t want to wear a tight fitting dress or pants and a top, its always easiest in these humid climates to throw on something loose fitting, so why not make it cute? For example, this Magali Pascali dress!

Last but absolutely not least, the most important thing, and always my favourite! Swimwear. The one on the left is from Lenny Niemeyer, and the right is from Fella Swim.

Lenny is my all time favourite swimwear brand, and the reason why is because the cuts are insane, and the prints are even better. Through her I really found a love for swimwear. Maybe one day I can create my own!

I feel that swimwear is so important because when you are in the sun and you want to feel you 100% best, what you are wearing (bikini/swimsuit) should make you feel empowered and sexy. If you have any questions on where to find the best bikini or swimsuit for your body type then shoot me an email and maybe I can help!