Santa Marina Mykonos

Santa Marina is a gorgeous hotel on the island of Mykonos. Most of the best hotels in Mykonos, while being really beautiful I always feel are lacking in something. Some don’t have their own beach, or they don’t have their own spa, and sometimes they just don’t have great food. After spending years coming to Mykonos and trying so so many, Santa Marina is definitely in my top 2. (Especially after their recent renovation).

The Rooms 

The hotel rooms vary in size and no one room is the same size. They have all been refurbished to a great standard, and almost all have stunning bathrooms (make sure you request a room with a refurbished bathroom). I was in room 163, which had a gorgeous view, as did 164 and 169. This was the nicest type of “Room” category room called the Deluxe Sea View. The next up are the suites. All with the most stunning view of the bay and when its time for sunset get ready to be impressed.

The Pool 

One of the best parts of their refurbishment is the new pool area that they have created. It has a stunning view over the ocean and when the sun sets the view is also pretty spectacular. With sunken sofas, beds, and many more little chill areas it is the perfect place to relax. And when it is windy its a good little sheltered area.


Wearing cover up by Paris Valtadoros, Clutch by Alex Mika 

The Beach/Buddha Bar

The beach at Santa Marina is hands down the best part about this hotel. It has the most stunning beach with little to almost no rocks, literally almost none, and a super sheltered spot so there are no waves. This makes it perfect for families with kids too. The beach service is amazing (top tip, look for George he will sort out your beds). On top of this they bring almost all the food from Buddha Bar down to the beach. So you literally don’t have to move all day if you don’t want 🙂 On that note, the food at Buddha Bar is fantastic and I would highly recommend going even if you aren’t staying in the hotel.

The Ginko Spa

Another new addition to the hotel is the Ginko Spa. It is absolutely beautiful and has a number of fantastic treatments including a Hamam. Ask for a deep tissue massage with Christina she’s great. The design of the place is very minimal and relaxing. For me the highlight is the sauna and steam rooms, as I often steam/sauna to detox and feel a bit refreshed. Often after a long night out in Mykonos I would wake up and go steam so that I would no longer feel so bad, and then run down to the beach and into the cold sea. Nothing cures a hangover like that!! :):)

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