Shop Now: Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato’s sneakers are my favourite out there right now. They are beyond comfortable, so no blisters if you’re running around all day, they are so cute and come in an array of different colors. The sneakers have different base widths so some are a normal sneaker base, others are a bit thicker, and some have a zig zag sole. Almost every piece in store is unisex, so there is a huge variety of choice.

The Swedish brand was launched in 2014 but I only really got to know them properly in 2016. They pride themselves in showcasing the brand through visual language i.e. imagery. They reference music, art and architecture which all embody the world that Arigato wants to project to its consumers. The brand has filled the gap for affordable footwear with a high end design quality.

Their store in Soho is really modern displaying the shoes in a way that makes them pop. You should definitely go check them out! I live in mine!