Smooth Legs Essential

Over the past year I have been trying lots of different creams to keep my legs hydrated, reduce cellulite and help with stretch marks on the bum. The problem with using oils such as Bio Oil, which actually work wonders for stretch marks, is that they are so inconvenient to get dressed after. You literally have to walk around in your undies for quite a while waiting for it to soak up – impractical. (Plus the oils don’t really do anything for Cellulite…) Cue Brazillian Bum Bum Cream.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This cream is literally unlike anything else that I have ever tried. Being made in brazil by a company called Sol de Janeiro, has some serious benefits as they have the most incredible natural ingredients. This one contains; Acai, Vitamin E, Capacu Butter, coconut oil and the best ingredient Guarana, which has almost 5 times more caffeine then coffee, giving your bum bum a huge boost stimulating circulation, keeping it toned, and minimising cellulite, as well as working to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.


The texture of the cream is light and not greasy at all. It really absorbs quickly meaning not having to wait 20 mins to get dressed without wiping it all away.


And the best part??? This cream literally smells like HEAVEN. I’ve actually started using it everywhere because it smells too delicious to resist. Honestly, go buy it…. now đŸ™‚ Got mine from Cult Beauty!! See link below.