Travel Guide: Mykonos

Mykonos is one of my favourite summer destinations. It has a beautiful greek charm to it whilst still having lots of other fun and exciting things to do and see. Gorgeous beaches, great food, amazing nightlife. There really aren’t many places in the world that have all of this in one place. Mykonos does and after almost 10 years of going I am still going back every year for more. See below for my top tips!

Where to Stay?

I have done two posts on the blog recommending multiple hotels in Mykonos so follow the two links below to check out my favourites, with all different price ranges and vibes! I usually stay at Santa Marina, or Cavo Tagoo… but to be honest there are so so many hotels there you are spoiled by choice.

Santa Marina Mykonos

Top 5 Hotels Mykonos

Where to Beach/Lunch?

When it comes to going to the beach in Mykonos you can really go for very different vibes. You can do a more chilled beach, or something with loud music and a lot more of a buzz.

  1. Santa Marina – This is my favourite hotel beach. It is unbelievably chilled, with a real mix of people, and great food. Worth chilling here in the morning till the late afternoon before moving onto somewhere more fun. Home to Buddha bar it is a must for lunch when spending the day at the beach.
  2. Scorpios – Chilled during the day with a bohemian vibe, on Sundays they have a great party. The fish and meats are amazing here too.
  3. Alemagou – This is one of my favourite places to come and relax, but also has the best party on a Friday and on a Wednesday well worth checking out.
  4. Solymar – Super chilled, with good food, but they still play loud music which is really nice.
  5. Agia Anna/Spillia – Super pretty chilled beach, with rocks at the end of the beach that you literally climb over to find the most beautiful restaurant with fantastic seafood. Basically within a cave! Make sure you request a table downstairs!!
  6. Agios Sostis/Kikis Tavern – Beautiful beach very relaxed and Kikis is one of my favourite places to go for lunch.
  7. Fokus – Gorgeous untouched beach, no beds or anything so you have to take a towel. Don’t go on a very windy day though! The food is excellent.
  8. Nammos – Notorious for its day parties, daily, this place is fun if you haven’t ever been before. personally i have been so many times over the years and I feel like its charm has worn of a bit. Nonetheless the food is still amazing, and it is a good one to do with a big group of friends. The sea here is also one of the best in Mykonos really great for a swim.

Spilia Views

Scorpios Sundays

Alemagou Fridays

Favourite Sunset Spot?

Sunset 180 has the most incredible views of Mykonos town and the sunset. Mix that with some bohemian vibes and a cool crowd its not one to miss! (My number one tip: If windy they have blankets just ask)

Where to have Dinner?

There are lots of places on the Island to have dinner, below are the ones that I always seem to return to annually.


Nobu Matsuisha


Sea Satin


Japanese at Cavo Tagoo

Buddah Bar


Where to Dance the Night Away?






Nammos (on occasion has parties at night)

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If you have any questions about Mykonos I am 100% sure I can help!! It is my favourite place! Email me :):):)