Travel Guide: Tulum

Tulum is a gorgeous little beach town on the Caribbean side of Mexico, a two hour drive from Cancun airport. It is known for its well preserved Mayan ruins, and also for its hippie style beach culture, and nightlife (not to mention the most beautiful people). I headed to Tulum for 10 days over new years with a group of friends and we had the best time. I completely fell in love with this place and cannot wait to return. After wearing no shoes pretty much for all of that time, and rolling around in a bikini, no makeup and going to the most fun parties I can safely say this is one of my favourite places. Yes the showers are basically salt water, and yes even the best hotels are a little more to the rustic side… but once you get past this (and the bugs) you will find yourself in paradise. Keep reading to hear all about my favourite places to stay, eat, beach, shop and party.

Where to Stay?

Casa Malca

Casa Malca, formally the beach home of Pablo Escobar is absolutely beautiful amongst all its quirk. The positioning at the end of Tulum Beach means that the beach is practically a private one. It is by far my favourite hotel in Tulum and when you get there you will know why. We spent new years at the hotel and it was absolutely amazing (and went on to 4 pm the next day… no I didn’t make it to that time). The hotel is full of art, and rooms filled with eclectic colours and furniture. So eye catching…

Be Tulum

Be Tulum is my number 2 favourite hotel. The breakfast is absolutely insane (try their acai bowl its delicious) and the indoor outdoor feel of the hotel is done so effortlessly. You feel as if you are in the middle of the jungle surrounded by the most rustic chic decor. Every corner is worthy of a photo and so so dreamy. The beach is so chilled and relaxed and when they throw a beach party, it is always fantastic. They have rooms that are within the jungle and rooms that are above the trees with stunning views over the crystal clear sea. Definitely worth staying at.


I would also recommend to check out Nomade and Sanara. Both are beautiful hotels with the coolest vibes and are just as fantastic as the two above.


If you are looking for something with a lower price Coco Tulum is so cute and has a fantastic position on the beach.


or The Beach which is super chic and cute and a great position on the beach also.

Where to Beach?

There is a very long list of cool hotels to perch at during the day and relax, I am going to concise it to where I spent most of my time, however walking up and down the beach you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Maxa Camp – a seasonal camp that isn’t there all year round, but when it is their beach set up is so cool.

Coco Tulum – If you are looking for some quite loud music and a throw down your towel kind of vibe this is it.

Be Tulum – Definatley my favourite place to chill during the day

Casa Malca



Ziggy beach at The Beach

Where to Shop?

The day I devoted to shopping in Tulum was quite comical really… It wasn’t planned and I went for lunch with no shoes on and then decided to spend ages walking down the main street behind the beach and exploring the shops. I can’t really recommend a particular store as the best way to do it is to walk into all the shops and have a look, walk into all the little side entrances, where Gitano is there are a bunch of cute boutiques behind with brands from all over the world. While you are doing this stop off at an ice cream shop and get a snack.

Where to Eat?

I loved the food here, but one tip I will give you is be very careful of ice, vegetables, and salads.  As the water they wash it with isn’t always the kind of water you would drink I would say its better safe than sorry.


Ojo De Agua


Casa Violetta

Pousada Margharita

Raw Love

Casa De Las Estrellas





Casa Jaguar

Casa Banana



Things You Must Do!

The best parties were at Papaya Playa, Be Tulum, Nomade, Casa Malca and Maxa Camp. So check those out.

– See the Mayan Ruins

– Go to a Cenote

– If you’re into fishing take a boat out for a fishing trip (We caught a huge tuna and a Mahi Mahi)

– Walk up and down the beach in the morning (good tanning tactic)

– Get a massage from one of the many stands on the beach

– Have a Temezcal with a Shaman

– Have a lot of Margaritas 🙂

– My most important tip is go check out the Yaan Wellness spa, it is beyond. Blog post to follow.

When to Go?

The hottest month is May, so I highly recommend if you are looking for a relaxing getaway to go at that time, if you are looking for parties and nightlife new years, January, March and April is definitely the right time to go.


If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to send me an email on and I will be happy to answer 🙂