Where to Workout in NYC

Working out is the best way (I find) to relieve stress and start my day with a good vibe. It makes me feel healthier, and overall a lot happier. I don’t workout to be skinny, I workout to be healthy mentally and physically. I get super excited to go to New York for one of the main reasons being that I am obsessed with all of their workout classes, and with different trainers that are based there. This time I was there for much longer so I really managed to get into the flow of what I really felt made a difference to my body and my mind.

Below I will write a list of the places I like to work out, but also my top ones that I do on a daily basis, so you can really understand which I find better for an every day workout, and which is just more fun!

My 3 Favourite Daily Workouts

Aerospace – Aerospace has become my favourite place to get a proper cardio workout in. The classes consist of jumping rope, shadow boxing, band work, and using gliders. It is by far the most I have ever sweat in a class before. The music is so amazing and I always feel like I’m at a dance party. Make sure to take Michaels class, he is the founder and the one who really gives the class this incredible energy. MUST TRY, I’m obsessed and have started doing it kind of alone in London at my gym. -Aero 3 Class and Aero Box Class(2-3 times per week) 27th St between 6 & 7th ave.

Bodies by P – Bodies by P is a class that is all about using the little muscles in your body and lengthening so that you don’t build any bulk and you just lean out and tone your muscles. Exactly what I want. You use bosu balls, ankle weights, light hand weights, bands and many other different contraptions. I do this as often as  possible – all types of class (4-5 mornings per week) Bowery, Soho

Higher Dose at 11 Howard – This is technically not a workout, but it has the same effect on your body as a workout does, so I like to count it. It also is extremely good for your body in terms of recuperating after exercising, helping your muscles heal, and burns extra fat as well as speeding up your metabolism (read more here– (2-3 times per week after Bodies by P). 

Also enjoy…

SLT – Best pilates in town, I try to do at least one time per week

Soul Cycle

Model Fit

Rumble boxing

Boxing with a trainer at Gotham Gym